Luleå Data Center | Luleå, Sweden | 2016

​LLA2 is the second data center to be completed outside of the US for this client, and is the second phase of the Luleå campus.

The client’s commitment to innovation and efficiency led LLA2 to be the first facility to feature the new ‘Rapid Deployment Data Center’ (RDDC) design. RDDC involves the use of pre-made modular sections that are assembled on-site, reducing the duration and local impact of building work. LLA2 will also source it’s energy from hydroelectric power, generated from the near by Luleå River.

All of the racks, servers, storage systems, power distribution networks, and other components will be built to Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications. OCP is an industry-wide coalition of technology companies that is creating cost and energy efficient designs and sharing them for free under an open source model.

The project features a 246,000 SF data center with a central facilities building connecting the two large data halls. The facilities or services building contain the loading dock, mechanical and equipment rooms, and MPOE rooms. The facilities building is clad in insulated metal panels, while the on-site administration building houses offices and recreational areas, clad in a unique perforated parklex rain screen.

Status: Completed March 2016
Area: 304,000 sf

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