Forest City Data Center | Forest City, North Carolina | 2011

Sheehan Partners is providing comprehensive architectural design services for construction of this enterprise data center in central North Carolina. This is the second iteration of a prototype designed by Sheehan Partners and fi rst constructed in central Oregon. The building is designed around a 180,000 square foot computer equipment room topped with an innovative 111,000 square foot mechanical equipment penthouse. A 23,000 square foot offi ce area organized around an interior courtyard and parking court adjoins the computer equipment room. The building is wrapped in precast wall panels which provide for economy and security. Penthouse and courtyard walls are fi nished in metal panels.

The mechanical penthouse is designed around a highly effi cient mechanical system utilizing evaporative cooling provided in direct coordination with server demand.

The completed project is expected to be LEED Gold certifi ed. To achieve this rating recycled water is captured from the roof surfaces, stored in a tank in the offi ce courtyard and used for toilets and irrigation of the limited interior landscaping. The landscape treatment outside the building will consist of restoration of the existing environment.

Area: 370,350 sf
Status: Completed Winter 2011‚Äč

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