At SPARCH, we see ourselves as a design firm first. This means in order to meet our clients’ needs, SPARCH develops visually appealing design solutions across every typology in which we work. We specialize in technically challenging projects for corporate and development clients. Our work includes data centers, trading floors and other mission critical facilities as well as corporate interiors and renovation projects.

One of our strongest attributes is our ability to maintain positive and long-term relationships with our clients. We thrive on projects with returning clients and we’ve developed numerous prototypes for modular data centers and implemented the initial buildings on multiple occasions for the same clients. Every decision our staff makes as they work through a project — from conception through final punchlist— is determined by asking how an individual decision can enhance the overall solutions we develop for our clients.

840 S Canal Colocation Data Center

Altoona Data Center

Columbia Colocation Data Center

CHII Colocation Data Center

CHIII Colocation Data Center

DC6 Colocation Data Center

DC11 Colocation Data Center

Forest City Data Center

Franklin Park Data Center

Luleå Data Center

NY4 Colocation Data Center

NY5 Colocation Data Center

PBB Reference Design Prototype


Prineville Data Center

SV5 Colocation Data Center

Zenith Electronic Research Center