March 01, 2017

SPARCH Announces Promotions of Timothy Hill and Timothy Connor

SPARCH is pleased to announce the recent elevation of Timothy Hill and Timothy Connor to Principals at the firm. “They have both been essential to the growth and success of our firm,” said Principal Neil Sheehan, AIA. “Tim Hill and Tim Connor have made critical contributions to the high quality of service we offer our clients and more importantly to quality of our office culture. I am delighted to recognize their accomplishments and commitment to excellence within our firm”.

Timothy Hill, AIA

Timothy Hill joined SPARCH in 2012 to assist with building an office/business structure and financial plan that could support the firm’s anticipated growth. He also worked to improve SPARCH’s technical, design, and software expertise and to provide a more robust approach to standards and quality control in the face of an increasing volume of work.

Tim continued to manage the business and operational aspects of the office and enhance the firm’s culture and attitude toward client service and quality and keeping the architectural and business-related goals for the firm and its staff in check. Tim enjoys working with SPARCH’s staff and leaders to ensure that the firm maintains its focus on high quality design solutions for clients, is positioned to accommodate natural growth, and remains a fun place to work for its employees. His strong design and technical skills and calm demeanor, combined with an understanding of design management, benefits SPARCH greatly.

Tim received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Ohio State University and a Master’s of Architecture from The University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Outside of the firm, he enjoys drawing and other creative outlets. He also enjoys traveling, playing golf, and sailing.

Timothy Connor

Timothy Connor joined SPARCH in 2008 and is presently the Client Manager and Program Leader for SPARCH’s Facebook projects. As the internet and social media have exploded over the past decade, SPARCH’s own growth has paralleled that of Facebook’s. At any given time, Tim could be managing a dozen or more projects of various sizes and at various stages. He works with his teams to strategically juggle the complexity of the client’s projects to keep them moving at a swift pace.

In addition, Tim oversees the hiring at SPARCH and has watched the firm grow from six employees to more than 40. He believes as a firm grows, finding talented people and bringing out the best in them is critical to the collective success of the firm. He strives to see everyone’s best potential and works to create an environment where everyone can succeed.

Tim received an undergraduate degree in structural engineering and a Master’s in Architecture, both from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. When he is not at the office, Tim’s job title is “Dad”. He is the father of three young girls and enjoys spending as much time as possible with them, whether it’s on father-daughter ski trips, cooking at home, or being out on the water.